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Active Treasury Management on Blockchain

Community-Owned Private Equity Fund

About Halcyon DAO

Halcyon DAO aim to be a diversified investment portfolio in trading (crypto, stocks, forex), Fractional Timeshared Real Estate for digital nomads, tokenized SaaS/ECOM companies, web3 venture incubation, and charitable contributions.

Our mission is to provide stable growth for businesses treasury and individual savings that offset the rate of inflation without the typical high volatility of crypto-currencies.


The Halcyon DAO is managed by a team of executives and asset managers that are elected by the DAO community.

How often does Halcyon DAO meet?

Once a week at the moment, but will be moving to once a month once the initial launch has been completed.

How do I join a meeting for the first time?

Join our discord server, and discuss with our members to answer the questions you may have before you make a commitment.

Do I have to be a member to participate?

Yes. A $1000 USD investment is required to be a member. This investment can be redeemed with the associated growth or loss based on the current value of the DAO at the moment of the transaction.

Is this regulated?

DAO's are currently mostly unregulated, but we will have a BVI entity behind the DAO. Meanwhile, know that crypto investments are highly risky, and you should only invest money you can afford to lose. We will not accept any investments until the DAO is completely launched, but you may contact us to be on the VIP list for once we launch.

How is the value of the DAO evaluated?

We will constantly evaluate the value of the DAO based on the current value of the investments at market price. However, once we start investing in projects, those investments will not be as liquid, in which case value will only materialised once digital assets are being traded freely on the market.

Who take investment decisions?

Investment decisions are done by the executives and asset managers to ensure speed of execution. However, the community is allowed to vote on who is elected into such roles based on their expertise and track record.

How do I make money being part of this DAO?

Returns are calculated monthly, and the token value will be adjusted accordingly. 

News & Updates

This is a space dedicated to keeping our community informed about the latest news stories and updates at Halcyon DAO. Our schedule of meetings and activities is subject to change, and this is where you can read about it first.

Fall Meeting Times

Join our Discord or Telegram channels to be updated on meeting times/dates.

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